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Wildlife Savanna Games Pro

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Hi there survivalist. We need you to explore the Wild Animals Puzzle for Toddlers! It’s going to be an adventure takes you trough polar caps filled with penguins, polar bears walruses, along safaris with lions, ostriches and giraffes. Only the brave ones can comb a lion or feed a gorilla. Are you up to it?This app for toddlers has kid-friendly artwork that even makes the wildest animals as cute as your kid! Without the pressure of time he can decide witch mini-game he wants to play and in what pace. This game is both fun and educational.
It lets your toddler know witch food pandas prefer, how a walrus (sort of) looks like, memorize animals by blind card turning and shows them how to rescue a stuck-in-the-sand ostrich. Does it get more adventures than that? I don’t think so!
Features√ The most dangerous animals are suddenly the cutest √ Kid-free and well-designed environment to explore√ Swipe, tap or drag pieces to solve puzzles.√ Memorize wildlife by turning blind cards√ Improves additive listening and making casual connections√ Having a entertaining time with your child
About Banana AppsBanana Apps is a game developer that creates an environment for kids that is both fun as educational. Trough tremendous entertainment in our apps for toddlers, via Banana Apps kids now learn about their surroundings without time- or game-over-pressure.
Your kids decide in which order and tempo they want to play it.